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Nothing speaks louder than what our clients say. Ever wonder if comments are real? Ask us for contact info and we will put you in touch with people that trust their cars to Paladin.
“...Paladin services both my 350z and my wife's Xterra. they have done a variety of services for us ranging from basic oil changes to major suspension work. i appreciate the knowledgeable recommendations and fair pricing. When I visit, i feel like i am among friends and family...”

Chris M.

“...When I am not out on the track racing in the Redline Time Attack series, i am at the track practicing in my personal Nissan 370Z. My 370z has to pull double duty as a daily driver and track car, so i have to keep on top of maintenance to make sure that it not only performs on the track, but also drives me home afterword. whether it is upgrades to improve performance or maintenance to keep it reliable, the highly trained techs at Paladin are the only guys i let touch my car...”

mike b.

“...paladin is the first shop I have found that wasn't afraid to crack my GTR transmission case apart and fix problems. Their reinforced clip upgrade should be done by anyone wanting to track their cars...”

darin F.

“...mike has been nothing short of excellent. paladin maintains all of my family's cars. i never have to worry about being ripped off or if the job is done right. mike gets it done right the first time or it doesn't leave his shop. i am fortunate enough to be able to take my car s anywhere in Vegas and i only only take them to palandin...”

hing Y.

“...service is consistantly impeccable due to the technician's outstanding working knowledge of the vehicles they work on. the gt-r has proven to be a steep learning curve for even some of nissan's master techinicians. definately not so for the guys at paladin! they are a proven, reputable shop that earned my highest recommendation as the place for modifications, installs, upgrades and simple maintenance...”

Tre j.

Our Clients

we specialize in nissan performance, but we have a broad customer base. from daily drivers to full race cars, we can provide everything from standard maintenance to full builds.

Want to be featured? we are always looking for examples of cars that show the great work we do. join the paladin family and have your car serviced, repaired or built by us.

Paladin Nissan GT-R

Whitney's GT-R Track Car

paladin keeps this track car going...and going fast. plenty of modifications, upgrades and installs have been done to make this gt-r competitive in time attack.

Paladin Nisan 370 Z

Mike's 370z street/track

mike's car does double duty as a daily driver and track car. Paladin keeps it fast for the track and reliable so he can get home after a weekend of practice.

Paladin Turbo 240 SX Drift

Daniel's 240

Turbo work, diagnostics, service and maintenance keep this great car fast and reliable. This motor-swapped car requires knowledgeable people to do the work.

Paladin Detomaso Pantera

Robert's Detomaso Pantera

Think we only do nissans? Nope. This pantera needs the kind of care that any 38 year old car needs. wheel bearings, valve adjustment, electical...all no problem. going Twin turbo is next.

Paladin G37S

mike's g37s

This semi-family-friendly car looks great and is fast. it has Performance mods aplenty, and it may be getting a 370z transmission soon. As an owner's car, Plaladin obviously does all maintenance and mods.

Paladin Porsche 996 C2

angie's 996 c2

Angie's porsche is one of the daily drivers that comes in for regular, out-of-warranty service. She keeps it mechanically stock and just needs scheduled maintenance and occasional repairs.

Paladin XTerra

Chris' Xterra

we work on a lot of daily drivers. this xterra gets a lot of miles put on the odometer, and Paladin keeps it safe and reliable by keeping it up to date on service.